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The Astronomical League

416XT Icing 416XT Skyscrapers Articles AAVSO American Association of
Variable Star Observers
AMATEUR ASTRONOMY Amateur Astronomy Magazine Arkansas Sky Observatory - 2002
ASCOM Initiative Astro Pier - Le Sueur Manufacturing Company ASTROCRUISE - Astrophotography
by Philip Perkins
AstroDesigns Homepage Astrofieds Free Astronomy Classifieds AstroGirl
Astronomical CCD Imaging Page Astronomical Society of the Pacific Astronomy articles, forums, listings,
and other resources about Astronomy.
Astronomy Discussion Astronomy Freeware and Shareware Astronomy Magazine, Star Charts,
Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss Astrophotography by Russell Croman Astrophotography for the Amateur
AstroTips - Astronomy Freeware
and Shareware
Aurora Viewing Tips  
Cookbook CCD camera Home Page CCD detectors Clay's Kochab Clock Precise Portable Polar
Alignment EVERY Time!
Cloudbait Observatory Home Home of The Arcturus Observatory  

MFC-CS Stands for = Meteorology & Family Computing and the Cosmos of Space